Convegno internazionale "Crop Protection - Human Health and Environment"

Giovedì 16 novembre 2023, a partire dalle ore 10:00, presso l'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Palazzo Corsini, Via della Lungara 10, Roma), si terrà il convegno internazionale Crop Protection: Current State and Prospects for Human Health and the Environment.

European Food Production relies on crop chemical protection from pests and diseases. Unfortunately, the widespread, uncorrected use of these molecules is source of pollution: it contaminates water, soil, and air, causes biodiversity loss, and promotes pest resistance. Furthermore, the purchasing and application of these protectants are expensive, affect the competitiveness of the agricultural sector and can affect unwise users. Yet, the consequences of a 50% reduction in their use by 2030, a goal of the European Union, are not clear.

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